Who's That Lady?

Periel is a free spirited, bohemian, tree hugging hippie who doesn’t follow trends but writes from her heart and soul. Born in Chicago, she was infused by osmosis with the blues. She writes her songs a capella focused on the melody and then sets it to music. Her voice is her main instrument with harmonica playing “2nd fiddle”. While singing along to a Christmas song on the radio at the age of 12, she was delighted to realize that she had been blessed with a natural vocal talent announcing quite shyly to her parents “I sing, you know”. She nurtured her voice by singing along to some of the music greats such as Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Linda Ronstadt and Stevie Nicks. Depending on the song she is singing, elements of all of these singers can be found in Periel’s vocals. Periel went on to study voice more formally focusing on the Bel Canto classical style which gave her a solid technical foundation the afforded her the ability to sing in a wide range of styles. 

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